Big Heat 2020:

Chicago’s Food and Drink 50

Joe and Ann Marie Quercia

Freddy’s Pizza is a throwback gem, a grocery that carries Italian products almost exclusively but is also a deli bar serving beautifully simple and satisfying lunch items like rapini and beans, sausage with potatoes and peppers, pizza and other warm items, including wonderful breads, most made in-house. And gelato! Every lunch, the aisles of the small store are lined with construction workers, cops, firemen and others who know where to score a wonderful meal. Joe tells us that his proudest moment is “when customers tell me Freddy’s is part of their childhood and family memories. I have served generations of people since working here in 1968 at the age of thirteen upon my arrival from Naples. It is an honor to have people from all walks of life enter Freddy’s and enjoy our creations.”